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Towards the Lagenlook Style – becoming weird in order to keep sanity intact

Imagine donating all of your clothes to charity and not buying anything new for a year.

As strange as it may sound, it really happened to me.

Well, I wasn’t left with nothing at all. 3 pairs of trousers, 3 sweaters and several white, elegant blouses (not including a few items to wear at home).

In my last post I started to weave a story about my journey from a wardrobe chaos towards my own unique style called Lagenlook. I stopped at the point when I decided to take a decisive action and get rid of anything I truly didn’t need which turned out to be almost all of my clothes.

While I was packing my past away I came to an amazing realisation – I felt emotionally detached from my possessions despite being very sentimental and generally attached to things. Perhaps it was my determination, a strong need for a drastic change? Or simply being fed up with the hotchpotch.

Now I can’t even remember what I gave away exactly. Those items have never been missed. I closed my nearly empty wardrobe as you close a finished chapter in your life.

You have no idea how liberating the experience was. I enjoyed the simplicity of my new style. The morning choice was so easy and quick, my mind appreciated the idleness.

I craved for nothing I saw at shops. Partially because I loved the sense of order but mostly because I still didn’t know what I wanted or who I was.  Sometimes I dreaded the thought that I might never find my true self and such a scarce wardrobe would stay with me forever showing that I was as empty as my wardrobe was.

Months passed quickly. One day my husband gave me Ł 50 and literally forced me to go for a fancy dress hunting. His sister’s 20th Wedding Anniversary was coming up and a nice dress was a must.

After a few hours of fruitless prowling, walking from shop to shop feeling like a zombie in a candy store, my mood dropped even more. Nothing suited my nonexistent taste. Disheartened and depressed I was resting on a bench in Chester Cathedral garden.

And then I suddenly remembered one place that used to glue me to its window displays every time I was passing by. Amazing ‘rag doll’ style as I used to call it. I’d been there just once shortly after I’d come to Chester. Looking at the prices I knew I’d never dare to go in again but I always admired the displays.

The shop was called ‘Morgan’, situated in the heart of Chester.  I knew I couldn’t afford anything they were selling but I went there purely for inspiration. I decided to stay until I understood the phenomenon of such a unique style.

And there I was, struck with amazement at the door. I was moving from garment to garment with a silly smile, memorizing every detail – creased, asymmetrical, vintage-looking, layered, full of frills and lace, in natural colours.

I left the shop inspired, elevated, excited. It was a real epiphany. In that very moment I knew exactly what I wanted. I saw a mirror reflection of myself in those clothes.

I frantically raided every charity shop in town and spent the Ł 50 on items I could achieve a similar effect with. I never bought the dress I was supposed to. I put together a simple but romantic outfit out of the things I’d bought and I looked nice enough.

Now 95% of my wardrobe content comes from charity shops which also helps not to feel so guilty for a bit of vanity. I also make alterations  myself in order to save money. I’ve bought a few garments by Made in Italy which is a quite affordable brand. My favourite designer is Ewa Iwalla but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to buy her clothes. Nevertheless I’ve got a great deal of satisfaction constructing my outfits myself .


And that’s how my wardrobe began its transformation into a treasure chest.


Take care!


PS. The photo – Shabby Mummy: Quite a simple outfit. I added a white lace ribbon trim to these cropped jeans. The tunic has a beautiful Richelieu motif on the front. And the boots look like the ones worn by chimney sweeps long time ago, don’t they?



Ancient History of My Wardrobe

Have you ever opened your wardrobe and felt it didn’t belong to you? I have.

Mine seemed to be shared by five other women who created nothing but chaos and disarray in there. It was almost impossible to assemble a decent outfit with what they’d collected.

One of the women occupying my space couldn’t resist a sale so she would buy anything with a red label on it without a bigger picture in mind. Another kept her old clothes although they got too tight somehow along the way, refusing to get rid of them or at least losing some weight. The third one had some undeveloped sense of style she liked which eventually transformed into a definite Lagenlook style. Her choice of clothes was the ones with lace embellishment and vintage, romantic vibe but she still didn’t know what exactly she wanted. The fourth woman bought far too many tasteless t-shirts since she thought nothing a chubby girl wears can make her pretty. And the last one, oh that one was the cruelest, judgemental and cynical thinking that fretting too much about fashion is shallow and typical for busty, red-lipped and brainless blondes. She would always try to make me feel overdressed and ashamed whenever I tried to dress nicely. She add nothing but frustration to my wardrobe.

Eventually it made me feel depressed and confused about myself since I believed that women define themselves through their taste in clothes, their home interior styles, music preferences or hobbies. I felt really lost. I was standing in front of my wardrobe one day and I felt the urge to do something revolutionary about it. So  I started to pack those women away, decisively winning my space back.

How I did it and how I eventually found my way into the world of Lagenlook fashion is a whole other story. I’ll tell you all about it next time.

Take care!

Why another fashion blog?


I’m Magdoola. I’ve never been much interested in fashion but a few years ago I became very passionate about Lagenlook. Since my husband and friends are fed up with me talking about it so much, I decided to express my need to jibber jabber about it in this particular way.

I plan to share some pictures of items I made myself and my ideas of creating Lagenlook with the clothes I already have. I’ll also try to write a bit about my experience with this unique style in practice and offer you some advice if I may.

Implementing Lagenlook style in other areas of Art is also my cup of tea and I definitely would like to share it with you too.

I hope some Lagenlook enthusiasts will stumble upon my blog somehow and perhaps they’ll find it interesting or even a bit inspiring.

New adventure – let’s begin!


Take care!

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