Lagenlook: linen coat out of a tunic – my alteration.

When I got a bad haircut or I created something not entirely as I planned my Mum used to say: ”A wise man won’t ask, a stupid one will think it’s supposed to be like that”. And I would add ”But a jerk will tell you the obvious truth”.

At a shop today a lady met her female friend and said: ‘You’ve had your hair cut!’. ‘Yes’, she replied. And than there was this awkward silence suggesting to all of us around that the lady didn’t like her friend’s new hair.

What a jerk!’, I thought.

The friend was saved by the bell when another lady she was with said: ‘She looks much younger now, doesn’t she?’ The jerk lady agreed reluctantly.

Ehhh,… Some people!

Another piece of my Mum’s wisdom was: ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut’.

I usually follow this advice to the letter, especially with people I don’t know that well. I know how uncomfortable you may feel in situations as the one above. What can you say to such tactless remarks?

Some other examples of similar ‘jerkness’:

”What have you done with your hair?!”

”You’ve gained some weight, haven’t you?”

”You look terrible today!”

”That dress would look nice if you had a different figure”

Please, please, please! Listen to my Mother and the world will be a better place!

Having said that, I must admit that most people I know say nothing about my outfits. I wonder why? 🙂

DSCF0883     DSCF0877

Today I’m showing you a lightweight coat I made out of a tunic I bought off E-bay. I wish I had a pre-alteration photo. But nevermind, you’ll have to imagine a simple tunic I cut diagonally at the front and added an antique-looking fastening. At the back I made a vertical cut, gathered the lower part and made some darts on the upper part. Then I sew the two parts together. I covered the stitch with some belt pieces and added two white buttons. I also made the sleeves shorter.


I usually wear it creased. Linen creases so easily anyway. ‘A wise man won’t say anything, a stupid one will think it’s supposed to be like that’, fortunately I haven’t met a jerk who’d tell me ‘Oh, you’ve forgotten to iron your clothes’.


I hope you like it, too!

Have a fantastic weekend!


PS. Happy Birthday, Mum! I wish you didn’t have to celebrate it in Heaven…


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2 responses to “Lagenlook: linen coat out of a tunic – my alteration.”

  1. Jazzy Jack says :

    I’ve enjoyed a walk through your blog. I am looking at Lagenlook for the first time. Your kids are adorable in their Lagenlike outfits!
    I hope you continue writing and posting. You have a great voice.
    XO JJ


    • magdoola says :

      Thank you for your kind comment. I’ve been on holidays lately that’s why I stopped writing for a while but I’m definitely going to continue posting new ideas. Take care!


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