Lage-loony kids – elegance with a vintage twist

I’m not afraid to say that being a mum of two adorable boys is the greatest achievement of my life. And I’m sure nothing will ever beat my motherhood experience, not even a Nobel Prize in Fashion!

One may think it’s not a valuable achievement. So many mothers out there. Nothing special. But over the years I learnt to cherish the role I’ve been given. I realised that being a parent is the most demanding, responsible, yet the most rewarding, job ever. You take part in a development of a human being. You have a great influence not only on your own children but on future generations too. The quality of your work, your decisions, your example will influence your children’s children and their children as well.

What kind of husband are you raising for his future wife? What kind of father for his future children? These are the questions that make me aware that whatever I decide to sacrifice for my children will not go to waste. It will bring abundant fruit in due time. To them and to the world.

I was born to be a mum, and I’m willing to follow this path with gratefulness. I don’t feel like I’m losing anything. Those boys gave me so much love and affection in their short lives than all of the people I’ve ever known altogether in my entire life.

Today I’m showing you my children. My two precious Gifts from God.

Some time ago I decided to dress my kids in a less colourful, less modern way. To go a bit more with the clothes I usually wear. It’s not Lagenlook per se but I called it Lage-loony because I’m trying to give it a little bit of a vintage twist. My inspiration is a newspaper boy from the beginning of the previous century.

A good source of such clothes is H&M and M&S but other shops like Matalan or even Tesco may provide some excellent items as well. We don’t mind second-hand clothes so charity shops and car boot sales are very helpful, price-wise.

DSCF1037    DSCF1032

Jeremiah is five and he’s got the most beautiful heart I’ve ever found in a person. His kindness is astonishing sometimes. He took a lot after his father. He is crazy for Lego blocks. He’s been able to follow the instructions on his own since he was 4. Now he’s a true master builder.

DSCF1029    DSCF1034

In this photo he is wearing H&M stripped shirt and cappuccino trousers folded up. And the hat, of course. By H&M as well.

Francis, on the other hand, is too small for us to say much about his character. He’s only 9 months old. However, he is more of a cry-baby and stubborn – just like mummy. He likes to put everything into his mouth, even grass and stones, above all – paper.

DSCF1024    DSCF1025

He is wearing F&F blouse in magnolia, and cropped brown checked trousers by Matalan. I’ve got a similar hat for him to the one Jeremiah is wearing but it vanished somewhere in the vastness of our two-bedroom flat.

DSCF1027     DSCF1018

I plan to show you more of my kids’ Lage-loony stylization so I’m making a separate category just for these.


I hope you like it too.

Take care!



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4 responses to “Lage-loony kids – elegance with a vintage twist”

  1. Ankaret Wells says :

    Aww, what adorable little gentlemen!


  2. Cortneybre says :

    Your babies are so handsome and precious! Children are such a blessing…it’s wonderful to watch them grow into the people they will become. I have a 12 year old daughter who is my world. I adore her and I am constantly amazed by her character, humor and strength. Childhood really does fly by so cherish each moment with them! Thanks for sharing! xx..Cortneybre…


    • magdoola says :

      Your’re right. Time flies so fast. I’m trying to appreciate every moment and enjoy myself despite exhaustion and limited time for myself. But as you wrote children are a blessing and they prove it to us every day. Thanks for your comment. Take care!


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