Lagenlook: blue checked dress – my alteration

Some people say that women don’t dress themselves to attract men but to impress other women. Do you think it’s true?

In a way I agree with the statement above. Unless you are naked, men won’t pay much attention to your meticulously crafted look. Women, on the other hand, will notice the smallest details of your outfit while keeping an eye contact with you the whole time.

I love my husband but, to be honest, it is me who often turns my head around to glance at women imaginatively dressed.

I noticed that more and more women fall for quirky Lagenlook dresses and tunics these days. Even if the style itself is a bit too much for them, some of its elements incorporated into their usual look may bring a pleasant sense of novelty in one’s wardrobe. And I love seeing other women wearing Lagenlook. I’m glad the style is gradually spreading.


Today I’d like to show you my blue checked dress that I love to bits. It’s the only checked garment I’ve got. As far as I can tell,  when it comes to fabric Lagenlook is pretty patternless. But checked fabrics are one of a few exceptions. However, finding a Lagenlook kind of patterned fabrics borders on the miraculous.

When I bought this dress by Next it was much too big for me so I made some pleats at the back. I also cropped the front hem but left the original length at the back to make it more interesting. Also I embellished the existent pockets with white lace ribbon trim.



I hope you like it too.

Take care!



PS. If you happen to know a place with a wide choice of similar checked fabrics, let me know, please (UK only).



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