Lagenlook: sweatery tunic – alteration

My abilities aside, I’m definitely an artist by nature. 

I’ve always needed creativity to make my life bearable. I’ve enjoyed writing poems since I was 14 which turned out to have an amazing therapeutic influence on me. I used to be a lead singer and a songwriter in a rock band for five years. And I love to paint. Actually I’ve been selling my hand painted crockery and stuff but on a very small scale.

In any of these artistic activities I’ve never reached beyond amateurism but I don’t mind. Amateurs have more freedom and fewer worries – nobody takes them seriously anyway.

As many artists I’m disorganized, messy, impulsive, prone to mood swings. Trying to adapt to the realities of this world which is so exhausting to me. I overthink and ‘overfeel’ my existence way too much. My head is like a perpetuum mobile of ideas but vast majority of them never get realized. Partially because I often struggle to finish what I’ve started, especially if no deadlines are staring at me off my notice board and yelling: ‘Get to work, God damn it!’ I may prefer to call myself melancholic but let’s face it, I’m simply a little bit of a lazybones.

However, there’s more to that. Sudden disbelief in my own abilities and fear of failure have the power to shut me down for weeks. My own thoughts turn against me and paralyze my will to create. I don’t even need enemies to do that to me.

It took me six months to finish the ‘sweatery tunic’ I’m showing you today. It could have been done in one day.

lagenlook0001   lagenlook0007

I cut and gathered the back using an outside stitch to make it look more ragged.

lagenlook0002   lagenlook0009

I left the sides opened in order to make the clothes underneath the tunic visible. That’s the idea behind Lagenlook. You want to show the layers. Also on each pocket I vertically put two brown buttons.


The front part is longer than the back. I was thinking of cutting and gathering the front too but I left it as it was, at least for now.

lagenlook0017      lagenlook0018 

I hope you like it, too.

Thanks for visiting. Take care!


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2 responses to “Lagenlook: sweatery tunic – alteration”

  1. Ankaret Wells says :

    Ooh, this is gorgeous. I really like the contrast of textures in the tunic, and the vertical placement of the buttons. You are very talented!


    • magdoola says :

      Thank you! Lagenlook give you incredible freedom to mess with the rules. An odd pocket here, an odd button there. Ideal style if you feel you’re a little bit odd yourself:)
      Take care!


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