Lagenlook romantic stylisation – alteration of an old sweater

No reason to feel embarrassed you are wearing second-hand clothes. Or is there?

When I was five or six I met my best friend. She was very different from me but we got along perfectly.  She was from an uncomplicated family, always dressed so neat and nice. A sensible and kindhearted perfectionist who had to straighten every frill on her toy pram before we could go for a walk.

She seemed so pure and without any edges. I, on the other hand, was full of them. I was living in chaos and it infected me to the core. Even though we’ve been best friends for almost 30 years now, I never shared the darkest secrets of my life with her. Not that I didn’t trust her,  I just didn’t want to stain her with that dirt. She was just too flawless and fragile.

I remember one day when, as teenagers, we were passing by a second-hand shop and I spontaneously suggested we should go in. As soon as we entered she said ‘I’ve never been to a second-hand shop before’.

I froze. What was I thinking bringing her to a place like that? The place I often shopped at but never boasted about it. I felt, more than ever, that our worlds were very different from each other. I was so painfully different.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have bought anything that day, with my friend seeing clearly how low my life was, but I saw that beautiful plain cream sweater and I just loved it. I overcame my embarrassment and I bought it.


I’ve got it for at least 15 years. How old it actually is, who knows? It’s been with me through thick and thin, still in excellent condition. That’s why it was essential for me to give it a new life – in Lagenlook style.

20140531_171318    20140531_171320

I made a deep cut to the front to enable other layers of clothing to be visible. I embellished the hem with a soft tulle scarf and two other lace ribbons. I hemmed the neckline using a crochet hook and a thick thread. I did the same along the cut to stop it from fraying. I added a shoelace motif to decorate the top front part.

20140531_171343     20140531_171413

The layers of lace ribbons and the neckline.

20140531_173917    20140531_174008

The pants I’m wearing here are also altered by me. I got the idea from a pair I saw at Morgan once.


I hope you like it.

Take care!


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4 responses to “Lagenlook romantic stylisation – alteration of an old sweater”

  1. Cortneybre says :

    Beautiful post! and beautiful look too btw. I love the sweater and its intricate details. I also have to say you have the most beautiful natural lighting in your pictures that I’ve seen since I’ve been blogging. It sets your pictures perfectly. Love your blog and following you now! xx…Cortneybre


    • magdoola says :

      Thank you for such an uplifting comment. And it’s my first one!

      Indeed, the pictures were taken on a lovely day but that was just coincidence. Thank you for making me realise that I should always wait for a sunny weather. It can be tricky here in England but I’ll do my best.

      Take care!


  2. Sue says :

    What a fabulous use of an old sweater. Totally in love with the idea.


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