Lagenlook pinafore dress – my alteration

What I love about Lagenlook, among other things of course, is its timelessness. No worries that your garments will become outmoded in a matter of an autumn leaf hitting the ground. Because Lagenlook clothes are already created archaic.

Soaked with great appreciation for the past,  they are a successful attempt to bring back and preserve its charm and bliss. Perhaps it’s a sign of getting old but they really make me feel nostalgic and sentimental.

When I started to dress in Lagenlook style, my husband looked at me once and said I looked like ‘szwaczka, praczka tudzież żebraczka’ which can be translated as ‘seamstress, laundress also a beggar’. Well said, don’t you think? Polish equivalent of this sentence consists of oldfashion words which makes it even more suitable. I usually say that it should be called ‘Raggenlook‘ (patent for this word pending:)).

But the pinafore dress I’m showing you today reminds me of those old paintings depicting people having summer picnics by the lake or girls strolling through the garden, submerged in bushy flowers. I feel really charming in this dress.

Very often my alterations are inspired by the designs I saw on the Internet but in this case I was inspired simply by the floral fabric that looked so beautiful against the white pinafore dress I had. It was a bit dull so I was determined to do something about it.

20140531_170825 (1)

I made the frill and covered the pockets with this lightweight and sheer fabric. I added some delicate lace ribbon trim in dusty pink. It was essential to gather the excess fabric on the back. Without it the dress looked too baggy.

20140531_173357    20140531_173506


I hope you like it too.

Take care!



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