Why another fashion blog?


I’m Magdoola. I’ve never been much interested in fashion but a few years ago I became very passionate about Lagenlook. Since my husband and friends are fed up with me talking about it so much, I decided to express my need to jibber jabber about it in this particular way.

I plan to share some pictures of items I made myself and my ideas of creating Lagenlook with the clothes I already have. I’ll also try to write a bit about my experience with this unique style in practice and offer you some advice if I may.

Implementing Lagenlook style in other areas of Art is also my cup of tea and I definitely would like to share it with you too.

I hope some Lagenlook enthusiasts will stumble upon my blog somehow and perhaps they’ll find it interesting or even a bit inspiring.

New adventure – let’s begin!


Take care!


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