Lagenlook: linen coat out of a tunic – my alteration.

When I got a bad haircut or I created something not entirely as I planned my Mum used to say: ”A wise man won’t ask, a stupid one will think it’s supposed to be like that”. And I would add ”But¬†a jerk will tell you the obvious truth”.

At a shop today a lady met her female friend and said: ‘You’ve had your hair cut!’. ‘Yes’, she replied. And than there was this awkward silence suggesting to all of us around that the lady didn’t like her friend’s new hair.

What a jerk!’, I thought.

The friend was saved by the bell when another lady she was with said: ‘She looks much younger now, doesn’t she?’ The jerk lady agreed reluctantly.

Ehhh,… Some people!

Another piece of my Mum’s wisdom was: ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut’.

I usually follow this advice to the letter, especially with people I don’t know that well. I know how uncomfortable you may feel in situations as the one above. What can you say to such tactless remarks?

Some other examples of similar ‘jerkness’:

”What have you done with your hair?!”

”You’ve gained some weight, haven’t you?”

”You look terrible today!”

”That dress would look nice if you had a different figure”

Please, please, please! Listen to my Mother and the world will be a better place!

Having said that, I must admit that most people I know say nothing about my outfits. I wonder why? ūüôā

DSCF0883     DSCF0877

Today I’m showing you a lightweight coat I made out of a tunic I bought off E-bay. I wish I had a pre-alteration photo. But nevermind, you’ll have to imagine a simple tunic I cut diagonally at the front and added an antique-looking fastening. At the back I made a vertical cut, gathered the lower part and made some darts on the upper part. Then I sew the two parts together. I covered the stitch with some belt pieces and added two white buttons. I also made the sleeves shorter.


I usually wear it creased. Linen creases so easily anyway. ‘A wise man won’t say anything, a stupid one will think it’s supposed to be like that’, fortunately I haven’t met a jerk who’d tell me ‘Oh, you’ve forgotten to iron your clothes’.


I hope you like it, too!

Have a fantastic weekend!


PS. Happy Birthday, Mum! I wish you didn’t have to celebrate it in Heaven…


Lage-loony kids – elegance with a vintage twist

I’m not afraid to say that being a mum of two adorable boys is the greatest achievement of my life. And¬†I’m sure nothing will¬†ever beat my motherhood experience, not even a Nobel Prize in Fashion!

One may think it’s not a valuable achievement. So many mothers out there. Nothing special. But over the years I learnt to cherish the role I’ve been given. I realised that being a parent is¬†the most demanding, responsible, yet the most rewarding, job ever. You take part in a development of a human being. You have a great influence not only on your own children but on future generations too. The quality of your work, your decisions, your example will influence your children’s children and their children as well.

What kind of husband are you raising for his future wife? What kind of father for his future children? These are the questions that make me aware that whatever I decide to sacrifice for my children will not go to waste. It will bring abundant fruit in due time. To them and to the world.

I was born to be a mum, and I’m willing to follow this path with gratefulness. I don’t feel like I’m losing anything. Those boys gave me so much love and affection in their short lives than all of the people I’ve ever known altogether in my entire life.

Today I’m showing you my children. My two precious Gifts from God.

Some time ago I decided to dress my kids in a less colourful, less modern way. To go a bit more with the clothes I usually wear. It’s not Lagenlook per se but I called it Lage-loony because I’m trying to give it a little bit of a vintage twist. My inspiration is a newspaper boy from the beginning of the previous century.

A good source of such clothes is H&M and M&S but other shops like Matalan or even Tesco may provide some excellent items as well. We don’t mind second-hand clothes so charity shops and car boot¬†sales are very helpful, price-wise.

DSCF1037    DSCF1032

Jeremiah is five and he’s got the most beautiful heart I’ve ever found in a person. His kindness is astonishing sometimes. He took a lot after¬†his father. He is crazy for Lego blocks. He’s been able to follow the instructions on his own since he was 4. Now he’s a true master builder.

DSCF1029    DSCF1034

In this photo he is wearing H&M stripped shirt and cappuccino trousers folded up. And the hat, of course. By H&M as well.

Francis, on the other hand, is too small for us to say much about his character. He’s only 9 months old. However, he is more of a cry-baby and stubborn – just like mummy. He likes to put everything into his mouth, even grass and stones, above all – paper.

DSCF1024    DSCF1025

He is wearing F&F blouse in magnolia, and cropped brown checked trousers by Matalan. I’ve got a similar hat for him to the one Jeremiah is wearing but it vanished somewhere in the vastness of our two-bedroom flat.

DSCF1027     DSCF1018

I plan to show you more of my kids’ Lage-loony stylization so I’m making a separate category just for these.


I hope you like it too.

Take care!


Lagenlook: blue checked dress – my alteration

Some people say that women don’t dress themselves to attract men but to impress other women. Do you think it’s true?

In a way I agree with the statement above. Unless you are naked, men won’t pay much attention to your meticulously¬†crafted look. Women, on the other hand, will notice the smallest¬†details of your outfit while keeping an eye contact with you the whole time.

I love my husband but, to be honest, it is me who often turns my head around to glance at women imaginatively dressed.

I noticed that more and more women fall for quirky Lagenlook dresses and tunics these days. Even if the style itself is a bit too much for them, some of its elements incorporated into¬†their usual look may bring a pleasant sense of novelty in one’s wardrobe. And I love seeing other women wearing Lagenlook. I’m glad the style is gradually spreading.


Today I’d like to show you my blue checked dress that I love to bits. It’s the only checked garment I’ve got. As far as I can tell, ¬†when it comes to fabric¬†Lagenlook is pretty patternless. But checked fabrics are one of a few exceptions. However, finding a Lagenlook kind of patterned fabrics borders on the miraculous.

When I bought this dress by Next it was much too big for me so I made some pleats at the back. I also cropped the front hem but left the original length at the back to make it more interesting. Also I embellished the existent pockets with white lace ribbon trim.



I hope you like it too.

Take care!



PS. If you happen to know a place with a wide choice of similar checked fabrics, let me know, please (UK only).


Lagenlook: sweatery tunic – alteration

My abilities aside, I’m definitely an artist by nature.¬†

I’ve always needed creativity to make my life bearable. I’ve enjoyed writing poems since I was 14 which turned out to have an amazing¬†therapeutic influence on me. I used to be a lead singer and a songwriter in a rock band for five years. And I love to paint. Actually I’ve been selling my hand painted crockery and stuff but on a very small scale.

In any of these artistic activities I’ve never reached beyond amateurism but I don’t mind. Amateurs have more freedom and fewer worries – nobody takes them seriously anyway.

As many artists I’m disorganized, messy, impulsive, prone to mood swings. Trying to adapt to the realities of this world which is so exhausting to me. I overthink and ‘overfeel’ my existence way too much. My head is like a perpetuum mobile of ideas but vast majority of them never get realized. Partially because I often struggle to finish what I’ve started, especially if no deadlines are staring at me off my notice board and yelling: ‘Get to work, God damn it!’ I may prefer to call myself melancholic but let’s face it, I’m simply a little bit of a lazybones.

However, there’s more to that. Sudden disbelief in my own abilities and fear of failure have the power to shut me down for weeks. My own thoughts turn against me and paralyze my will to create. I don’t even need enemies to do that to me.

It took me six months to finish the ‘sweatery tunic’ I’m showing you today. It could have been done in one day.

lagenlook0001   lagenlook0007

I cut and gathered the back using an outside stitch to make it look more ragged.

lagenlook0002   lagenlook0009

I left¬†the sides opened in order to make the clothes underneath the tunic visible. That’s the idea behind Lagenlook. You want to show the layers. Also on each pocket I vertically put two brown buttons.


The front part is longer than the back. I was thinking of cutting and gathering the front too but I left it as it was, at least for now.

lagenlook0017      lagenlook0018 

I hope you like it, too.

Thanks for visiting. Take care!

Lagenlook romantic stylisation – alteration of an old sweater

No reason to feel embarrassed you are wearing second-hand clothes. Or is there?

When I was five or six I met my best friend. She was very different from me but we got along perfectly.  She was from an uncomplicated family, always dressed so neat and nice. A sensible and kindhearted perfectionist who had to straighten every frill on her toy pram before we could go for a walk.

She seemed so pure and without any edges. I, on the other hand, was full of them. I was living in chaos and it infected me to the core. Even though we’ve been best friends for almost 30 years now, I never shared the darkest secrets of my life with her. Not that I didn’t trust her, ¬†I just didn’t want to stain her with that dirt. She was just too flawless and fragile.

I remember one day when, as teenagers, we were passing by a second-hand shop and I spontaneously suggested we should go in. As soon as we entered she said ‘I’ve never been to a second-hand shop before’.

I froze. What was I thinking bringing her to a place like that? The place I often shopped at but never boasted about it. I felt, more than ever, that our worlds were very different from each other. I was so painfully different.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have bought anything that day, with my friend seeing clearly how low my life was, but I saw that beautiful plain cream sweater and I just loved it. I overcame my embarrassment and I bought it.


I’ve got it for at least 15 years. How old it actually is, who knows? It’s been with me through thick and thin, still in excellent condition. That’s why it was essential for me to give it a new life – in Lagenlook style.

20140531_171318    20140531_171320

I made a deep cut to the front to enable other layers of clothing to be visible. I embellished the hem with a soft tulle scarf and two other lace ribbons. I hemmed the neckline using a crochet hook and a thick thread. I did the same along the cut to stop it from fraying. I added a shoelace motif to decorate the top front part.

20140531_171343     20140531_171413

The layers of lace ribbons and the neckline.

20140531_173917    20140531_174008

The pants I’m wearing here are also altered by me. I got the idea from a pair I saw at Morgan once.


I hope you like it.

Take care!

Lagenlook pinafore dress – my alteration

What I love about Lagenlook, among other things of course, is its timelessness. No worries that your garments will become outmoded in a matter of an autumn leaf hitting the ground. Because Lagenlook clothes are already created archaic.

Soaked with great appreciation for the past, ¬†they are a successful attempt¬†to bring back and preserve its charm and bliss. Perhaps it’s a sign of getting old but they really make me feel nostalgic and sentimental.

When I started to dress in Lagenlook style, my husband looked at me once and said I looked like ‘szwaczka, praczka tudzieŇľ Ňľebraczka’ which can be translated as ‘seamstress, laundress also a beggar’. Well said, don’t you think? Polish equivalent of this sentence consists of¬†oldfashion words which makes it even more suitable. I usually say that it should be called ‘Raggenlook‘ (patent for this word pending:)).

But the pinafore dress I’m showing you today reminds me of those old paintings depicting people having summer picnics by the lake or girls strolling through the garden, submerged in bushy flowers. I feel really charming in this dress.

Very often my alterations are inspired by the designs I saw on the Internet but in this case I was inspired simply by the floral fabric that looked so beautiful against the white pinafore dress I had. It was a bit dull so I was determined to do something about it.

20140531_170825 (1)

I made the frill and covered the pockets with this lightweight and sheer fabric. I added some delicate lace ribbon trim in dusty pink. It was essential to gather the excess fabric on the back. Without it the dress looked too baggy.

20140531_173357    20140531_173506


I hope you like it too.

Take care!


Lagenlook tunic – alteration of a simple skirt

I never thought I would show my creations to people online. I wish I had taken some picture before and during making alterations. But imagine a simple cotton skirt with a wide rim. I made some pin-ups all over the skirt, added straps and some lace ribbon to the inner layer. I also put a cotton lacy coaster to the top front part of the tunic in milky white.


The back of the tunic. You can see a lace ribbon embellishment at the lower part of my back. It was to cover the gathering of the excess fabric of the skirt which in turn gave a nice fit at the back.

It was my first such a complex alteration. It took me a few months to gather the courage to wear it but when I eventually did, it became one of my most loved items in my new wardrobe.

Hope you like it too.

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